Parkway's Story

From Dream to Reality

Parkway Restaurant is a 2 year old business just off of Las Virgenes Rd. near Parkway Calabasas. The Mediterranean diet truly is at heart of the creators and owners, Iman and Sepideh. Their food combines all of their favorite dishes from Greek French Fries to a classic American Cheeseburger. 

Iman and Sepideh always wanted to be business owners, and it only took them one year after moving to the U.S. to open their own restaurant. They are now living their food industry consumed life in Calabasas, CA just off of Las Virgenes from the 101 Freeway.

We Care About the Community

...more importantly we care about YOU

Customer service is our priority. We are thinking about the customer in each action we take at Parkway Restaurant. Our safe location and quality food provides an awesome experience for each guest that comes through our doors. The combination of feeling safe and quality food + service allows families to enjoy food in peace. 

Our location is also a great and safe spot for students to hang out after school. We are not too far of a walk or bus ride from A.E.Wright Middle School, so we can provide a safe place for students to do homework or have a snack while they wait for their parents to come home from work. 

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